The moments with Mom

My Mom has always seemed to possess the magical and delicious power of supporting my dreams whenever I have the courage to show them to her.  Art was always a favorite thing to do together and she always encouraged starting a project while supporting the idea that it’s got to be too much of it’s not enough.  When we showed up at the family cottage and I seemed to have more art supplies in the van than luggage, my Mom totally understood.  There was no worries about the mess we would make as we got the canvases out to get to work.  My Daughters loved the paints, textures, and idea of making collages about our Summer trip to Lake Huron.  They called it the trip to the sea and thought that it was super funny that Grandma has an art box like their Mama that is filled with treasures that we find along the way.

Mom and I took time to go on photo adventures which is one of our favorite things to do together.  My Mom has always been the biggest fan of my images….from stick figures to photo projects that take me years to complete.  It was always important to her that I find something I was passionate about and then keep interested in it…placing my first rollfilm Eastman Kodak Brownie camera in my hands when I was very young helped to plant the seed for the passion that I now have in the art of photography.  Thanks for keeping me supplied in those little square flashbulbs with four sides and a supply of film.  I am grateful that it is digital now so that it is easy for us to keep sharing our art with one another.  Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy these images of our family getaway.

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